I have a fairly simple color scheme for my burgeoning identity package; blacks, blues, and grays (for the most part).

I have an array of logos; one for each aspect of my prospective business, and an overall logo.









I’m still trying to decide if I want to have separate business cards for all three functions available, or just keep one overall card with the “YOU Creative” logo. Or should I just scrap the whole thing and start again? These are all issues that hinge on the day I attempt to register my company name.

I don’t think I want to carry any of the imagery from my identity package into my resume. I’d just as soon not put off a potential employer with evidence of my own, potentially competitive business. My logos and identity package will definitely encompass both my business cards and leave behinds, though. Perhaps even some elements from my resume could make their way into a leave behind. We’ll see.

The logos are a bit bland by themselves, but when injected into the rest of my identity concepts, they look quite nice. I need to continue refining my identity concept until it is a good as it can be.